Claire Angel

Vocalist, songwriter, DJ, performer and capable, strong, talented woman

Claire Angel is a world class vocalist and entertainer who has a fantastic energy and stage presence that captures the audience on any stage she visits. Her true

experience is also shown between the sound proofed walls of any recording studio, where precious studio time is not wasted on multiple takes.

Claire Angel is a rising star by any measure. She is a true professional that has passion, determination and drive to get her to where she wants to be.  Born on 24th March 1985 Claire started singing from the age of 3 years old driving her family mad because as soon as she woke up she would be singing. 

At early as the age of ten, Claire Angel was singing along to popular songs on she heard on the radio. She easily exhibited a vocal range, maturity, styling and the conviction of a singer way beyond her years.  Her father being a known “Sound Man” and talented singer Claire was also singing along to the hypnotic cadence of the reggae and roots rhythms courtesy of her father.

Since High School, Claire Angel has made quite a name for herself. She's won a plethora of talent shows and shared the stage with some of the most prestigious, iconic music personalities, albeit as an opening act. She's a singer, songwriter and easily a role model for any woman who's been through the struggles. Claire Angel can be heard singing Reggae, Roots Music, R&B, Soul, Pop, funky house, ballads, country & western and Gospel music. She's comfortable and credible in any genre, but favours Reggae because of her Jamaican roots & the early influence of her Dad's sound system.

On stage, Claire Angel is magical. It's not strange to see several members of the

audience shedding tears during a Claire Angel performance. Her vocals will go from soft and whispering to strong and commanding effortlessly.

Claire Angel is the image of a fashion model; slim, shapely and tall, with a smile that seems to simply say, relax and listen. Her songs are being played nationally and internationally.


On July 30th 2016 Claire Angel won the UK’s Britain’s Got Reggae competition that compiled of some very talented artists.  Claire Angel was consistent throughout the competition with her vocal ability, stage presence and the way she captured and wowed the audience was amazing.  Through winning this competition Claire performed at One Love Festival, supported Julian Marley and will perform at Rototom Festival in Spain 2017 which are some of the prizes that she won.

Show reel of her journey throughout the competition

From this competition Claire has had bookings to perform at Exit Festival & Sea Dance Festival in Serbia and has several bookings including Bilbao Spain in December 2016.

Performances Nov 2016

JamRock Reggae Cruise

A Night with Claire Angel


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Please note Claire is under new management and we are in the process of revamping her social media.