Darien Prophecy

Born in the parish of Manchester, Jamaica, to land-working reggae fans, Clive Darien – aka Darien Prophecy – is no stranger to music. As a child growing up in the Methodist Church, Darien started singing Sunday school Christmas plays at six years old, and went on to join the children's youth choir at ten. It was here that he developed his vocal talents, performingall over Jamaica in Gospel concerts.

A pivotal point in Darien’s development came in 1994, after meeting Omar Silk and Lidjamlak – brothers of the late celebrated reggae musician Garnett Silk, who in turn had had a significant influence on the young singer. The friendshipfostered between Omar, Lidjamlak, and Darien allowed his passion for music to flourish. Darien subsequently went on to perform at various talent showcases in Jamaica under the name Jah Son. It was in 1996, while jamming with the Silk Brothers, that Lidjamlak christened him ‘Prophecy’, owing to the spiritually uplifting nature of Darien’s lyrics.

In 1999, Prophecy recorded his first track, ‘Baby I Want You’, but it was not until eight years later that he released his first single ‘Natural Vibes’ on Sativa Records. This followed Darien’s emigration to England and collaboration with Gordon "INNERHEART" Mulrain who was at the time touring with Desmond Dekker, Prince Buster and a range of reggae artists. Natural Vibes brought Darien recognition across Europe, America and parts of the Caribbean, staying at Number One in the Reggae France charts for several weeks and gaining abundant positive press. He toured extensively with the INNERHEART BAND, performing alongside a range of celebrated artists, from Freddie McGregor and Anthony Johnson to Lovella Ellis and Dawn Penn.

After taking a short time out from music to consolidate and care for his family, Darien looks set to rock the scene in 2016 with all guns blazing. With several different projects up his sleeve, the reggae community and his extensive fanbase wait in anticipation for what’s coming next from one of the most talented Reggae voices in the South-East.