Gregory Fabulous MDE


Gregory Fabulous MDE first discovered music banging on a table tops and playing pots and pans, driving his Mum potty (excuse the pun). He's had a church upbringing and in that time he watched and learnt from the musicians around at the time where he discovered a natural talent for playing drums and other instruments.

Fast forward to now and we have an artiste, songwriter and producer. This Musical Directing Engineer (MDE) is a multi talented individual producing a wide variety of artistes as well as himself within The Dread UK studios.

As well as a prolific MC/SINGER in the current underground reggae scene he also hosts a prime time radio set where all roads lead to the Reggae Traffic show broadcast online within THEDREADUKTV PRODUCTIONS facebook page - Tuesdays 18.00 till 22.00 GMT. Also on (Look out for guest appearances from up and coming artistes, details on the Calendar page) 

Current album release 'Words Sound and Power' The Dread UK Productions

For Bookings, Dubplate sessions etc please get in touch via the contact us page.