A man with an amazing talent musically and spiritually. He knows how to satisfy his audiance in any ways. With his amazing voice his message is to be heard around the globe. William Martin aka Sugardaddy is originally from Antigua & Barbuda (Caribbean) and has been living in Basel (Switzerland) for 24 years. In the year 1992 he founded the Uprising Sound System. With this Sound System he was playing monthly in the Summercasino in Basel for seven years. Sugardaddy started as a DJ and MC. He given Reggae and Hip Hop DJ's the possibility to come out with their music at the Uprising events. The well known Basel Reggae group Scrucialists had their FIRST concert at a Uprising Sound System Reggae Party. Also Famara was on stage at the well known Uprising Reggae Parties. Sugardaddy also performed on the 100 MC in Basel on Oct. 20, 2012 where he took part in the 147 artists on stage one of the biggest Hip Hop Show in Basel. organized by Black Tiger. (Swiss Rapper). After the Summercasino Uprising Sound System played in many other international cities as well as in Germany, France, England and Antigua W.I. (In Germany in the known UNIVERSAL DOG Disco in Lahr). Soon after the creation of the Soundsystem Sugardaddy also started to sing and write music, which he has performed with various reggae bands such as Ganglords (CH), Red Eyes Bands (France), Italian Dove (Antigua), Jahfreeka (France), Fighing Roots (France/Switzerland), Free Limits (CH), Herbal Soldiers (CH), Mighty Roots (CH) and also with the Might Rockers Band (CH). Among other things, he opened the show with Fighting Roots at the Tony Rebel, Warrior King and Queen Africa concerts in Mulhouse (France). Recently I’m working with Spirit Revolution Band from France. Nov. 17th 2016 we had a concert in Brixton, England at the Hootananny Club. The book Pop Basel,publish in 2009,mentions his influence on the Basel scene. As well as this he has been working with producers around the globe. Songs like Rub A Dub Girl, Mr.Marley (Prod. by Remi Desroques) a producer in Japan and also with producers in Jamaica and Antigua. Sugardaddy is also an open sign Artist with Electronic Yellow Jammer sign at LBA Records in the United States. Music style Electronica, Over the years Sugardaddy has been performinng many places in Europe. His message is in the music. His mission is to get his message across the globe.


William Martin


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